Airport business models

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Business student wins prestigious Federal Aviation Administration grant

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AB: It appears that the business model of airports is changing on a global basis. Gittens: There’s this range of business models that’s moving this segment of. Privatization and Public Private Partnership Models at Airports Around the World Kenneth Currie • Air service development for business growth • Commercial development for optimal sustainability More examples of airport PPP models Canada.

Reconsidering the airport business model Until deregulation incommercial airports in the United States enjoyed a status comparable to public utilities. Airlines charged rates established by the federal government on a cost recovery basis, and marketshare was the driver for airline business models.

Yet again, a 21st-century business model is clashing with how business always has been done — creating a running battle at Orlando International Airport.

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Originally Answered: What is the business model of airport lounges? In South Asia, Middle East and Fear East Asia, Airport Lounges are part and parcel operated by two entities jointly.

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The Civil Aviation Authority (the folks who build the airports and manage them) and the Airline in question that leases them out. The business model of airports around the world is evolving — rapidly, she says. The important thing is to let market forces work, and for airports to be facilitators.

Airport business models
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