Is confucianism good for business ethics

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Is Confucianism Good for Business Ethics in China?

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5 things Confucius could teach us about business

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Confucian moral development involves both the internal moral development and external moral engagement in a continuous process of progressive successions and Confucianism Good for Business Ethics in China?

sense says that people should not do to others things that they do not want others to do to them. The "Great Divergence" Redefined: the Rise and Fall of the West and the Recovery of China Po-Keung Ip, "Is Confucianism Good for Business Ethics in China?,"Journal of Business Ethics, 88 ( Inquiries Journal provides undergraduate and graduate students around the world a platform for the wide dissemination of academic work over a.

Chinese Ethics

Ethics of Confucius by Robert Waxman. Introduction.

Is Confucianism Good for Business Ethics in China?

In this paper, explanations are given for six important ethical components in Confucianism including the concepts of xi, zhi, li, yi, wen and are also descriptions of the connections between these qualities.

Is Confucianism Good for Business Ethics in China? Po Keung Ip ABSTRACT. This article examines whether and to what extent Confucianism as a resilient Chinese cultural tra.


How relevant is Confucianism to the building of a modern Chinese corporation that is willing and able to practice reasonable norms of business ethics? The findings of this discussion, which include the organizational implications of the Confucian familial collectivism, have implications for other Chinese communities (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore) where Confucian tradition is endorsed and practiced.

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Is confucianism good for business ethics
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