Palm vein technology

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Contact-Free Palm-Vein Recognition Based on Local Invariant Features

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Palm vein recognition works by scanning the veins inside the hand a few inches above a sensor to create a digital template that represents an individual’s unique vein pattern.

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Palm vein patterns will be recorded when candidates arrive at the testing center to enroll. The scanning of one’s eyes and fingerprints for authentication may be soon outdated, as the financial services industry is testing a new cardless payment technology based on palm vein.

CoxHealth is introducing new biometric technology to enhance patient safety and security — a palm reader, of sorts. Imprivata PatientSecure — a system that ties each patient’s palm vein. The Palm Secure technology is designed in such a way that it can only detect the vein pattern of living people.

The scanning process is extremely fast and does not involve any contact meaning that PalmSecure meets the stringent hygienic requirements that are normally necessary for use in public environments. Simply place your palm 2 inches above the sensor and a template and the device captures a near-infrared image of your unique palm vein pattern will be captured and encrypted in under 1 second.

A Fujitsu algorithm coverts this image into an encrypted biometric template that can be matched against a database of pre-registered templates. Palm-vein technology guarantees a positive ID.

Fujitsu’s Palm Vein Technology

M Ali Acar is founder of Fujitsu's partner EB Group. Palm-vein technology guarantees a positive ID.

Palm vein technology
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