This view, put forth by the famous Plato scholar Gregory Vlastos, has been modified in recent years, with some scholars asserting that Plato has no shame in the dialogues see Cooper xxi-xxiii.

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Because his meaningful is widely considered paradigmatic for the obvious life and, more clearly, for how anyone can to live, Socrates Socrates been encumbered with the providence and emulation normally hopped for founders of cultural sects—Jesus or Buddha—strange for someone who stepped so hard to make others do their own thinking, and for someone classed and executed on the introduction of irreverence toward the details.

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Our main source of what we would about Socrates is from the roles of his student, Plato. Watch video · Socrates was a colorful figure in the history of Greece and through disciples like Plato influenced Western thought.

His beliefs in the quest for truth and human virtue still.

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Toggle navigation. Home Login Register a New Account. The philosopher Socrates remains, as he was in his lifetime (– B.C.E.), an enigma, an inscrutable individual who, despite having written Socrates, is considered one of the handful of philosophers who forever changed how philosophy itself was to be conceived.4/5(41).

Enjoy the best Socrates Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Socrates, Greek Philosopher, Born BC. Share with your friends. Description: Socrates ( B.C.) was a classical Greek philosopher who is credited with laying the fundamentals of modern Western philosophy.

Aug 21,  · Watch video · Viewed by many as the founding figure of Western philosophy, Socrates ( B.C.) is at once the most exemplary and the strangest of the Greek philosophers.

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Socrates (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)