Technology has evolved in our interpersonal

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Why do we have a sense of humor?

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Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives

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How Technology Makes Interpersonal Communication Bounce

Sanjay Patel is the Product Lead for IBI Group’s water optimization solutions with 13 years of experience in optimization algorithms and techniques combined with simulation modeling platforms. Technology Executive Group is a technology focused retained search firm and talent solutions consultancy.

Our firm specializes in discovering, vetting, and attracting top talent to our clients’ organizations across the technology, telecommunications, professional services, private equity, and healthcare IT industries.

Interpersonal communication has evolved over the decades and grown digital; whether or not that change is good or bad, the truth remains that technology has affected a person’s identity and lifestyle.

Educational and Professional Background: Brittany Bruner is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Child Mental Health Specialist. She earned her BA in Psychology from WWU inand her MA in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle’s Child, Couple and Family Program in Oct 17,  · Technology has put our relationships in beta, redefining how we communicate our desires and trust one another.

Nov 13,  · From artificial intelligence and gadgets to smart fabrics and virtual reality, technology is poised to breathe innovation into not only how we dress but how we shop.

Technology has evolved in our interpersonal
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