The art of good teaching and preferable character traits

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Character Traits and the Books that Teach Them

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Teaching Character Traits in Reader's Workshop

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Students learn about the importance of good character and express desired character traits through a personalized art activity. Lessons on character traits are truly lessons on the comprehension skill of inferencing. Rarely does an author come out and say a character is jovial or bossy; instead, the reader must discover it by analyzing a character’s actions and dialogue.

But one really good reason for a teacher to smile is that it is contagious and conveys a message of personal bonding and encouragement. This facilitates just the right learning environment for most people.

Picture Books to Support Character positive character traits by reading and discussing Have the courage to do the right thing • Build a good reputation. Find definitions and teaching resources for many good traits like respect, responsibility and honesty.

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What are Characteristics of a Good Art Teacher? Four Qualities The art of good teaching and preferable character traits
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