The sports goods industry of india

India's Growing Sports Industry

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Sporting Goods Industry - Statistics & Facts

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BHALLA INTERNATIONAL: We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Sports Equipment in Meerut India.

Sports Goods Manufacturing Industry Analysis for India

We are a well established Sporting Goods Manufacturing Industry in India since We market our products with our brand name VINEX. All in all, the sports industry in India has tremendous business potential, especially in the fields of marketing, management/sponsorship, exporting of goods or apparel, and sports medicine and.

India’s sporting goods are popular around the world and have made a mark in the global sports goods market. The domestic industry exports nearly 60 per cent of its total output.

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Highlights. Total sports goods exports for stood at US$ million, as compared to. One of the main sales channels for sporting goods in the U.S. is handled by sporting goods stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s or The Sports Authority.

Sports goods and equipment manufacturing in India Almost 60 percent of all sporting goods manufactured in India are exported, especially to international retail brands, such as Mitre, Lotto, Umbro, and Wilson.

National Sports is a leading name in the Indian sports goods manufacturing industry. We Exports sports accessories and training equipment all over the worlds.

The Next Big Industry in India- SPORTS The sports goods industry of india
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