Video case 9

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MPD investigating suspicious death as possible homicide

Nurse’s TouCh™: ProfessIoNAL CommuNICATIoN video case studies. Access to a practice assessment and a standardized proctored assessment is provided with each tutorial.

The two interactive simulation products deliver engaging client-related videos, examples of communication techniques. Missed an episode of your favorite A&E show?

Go to to catch up on full episodes and video exclusives. GCOE: The boys bore Kim by talking about new video game Ryan Blaney and Chuck Bush are pumped about a brand-new video game, but Kim Coon isn't very impressed in the latest edition of the Glass.

A severe dust storm has hit NSW which has caused a public health warning has been put in place for Sydney and Canberra, as concerns a repeat of the famous dust storm could be on the cards.

Weld County prosecutors on Monday filed multiple charges against Chris Watts, the Frederick man suspected in the slayings of his pregnant wife and their two young daughters.


But Twelve South, always the innovator with new Apple-related accessories, is making a case for its new AirSnap accessory. Watch our brief hands-on video walkthrough for the details.

Video case 9
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Audio, video evidence released in case of teen held in K-9's